RMRF – is a Ukrainian team of cybersecurity engineers and penetration testers that specializes in the development of solutions in the field of early cyber threat detection and prevention. Each member of our team has over 10 years’ experience in project development in different business areas in Eastern Europe.  RMRF’s main expertise is in providing services in the field of cybersecurity and the development of solutions based on Deception Technology.

The RMRF mission is to make the world safer and more sustainable by defeating hackers with an in-depth understanding of their behavior and methods of activity.

Now RMRF includes two subdivisions: RMRF Technology is a product company developing LABIRINT - a distributed deception platform. RMRF Services provides cybersecurity services including pentest, digital forensics and the implementation of security solutions.

RMRF Services is the result of the strategic alliance between RMRF and Ukraine Finance Partners (“UFP”) a majority USA-owned firm. As a major Shareholder, UFP is dedicated to improving the operations and success of RMRF Services. In addition to capital, UFP provides support to enable the management team to focus on increasing sales and customer satisfaction. UFP brings its local and international contacts and expertise to provide strategic guidance as well as operational support in legal services, accounting, marketing and human resources. 

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Advisory Board

Rodolfo E. C. Amoresano,

UFP Co-founder and Managing Partner

Mr. Amoresano is a senior executive and investor with over 30 years of experience in emerging markets. He has managed over 2 billion dollars and led teams in emerging markets during all of the crises since the mid-80's.

Joseph Carvin,

One World United & Virtuous Founder

Mr. Carvin is a global investor specializing in emerging markets who has developed broad and deep private and public sector relationships during his extensive career. He worked at various top financial institutions including  Altima Partners, Deutsche Bank and Manufactures Hanover Trust (Now JPMorgan) and USAID.