Digital Forensics

Be aware of hackers' tricks

What is Digital Forensic?


Digital forensics are held by certified experts with vital skills in security industry, who are well-informed about current trends of Cybersecurity and new threats.

Facts and events discovered as a result of the forensic could be used by business for remediation of consequences and the prevention of similar incidents afterwards. We provide two types of digital forensics: 

On-demand digital forensics:

We collect, isolate and analyze traces of cyber incidents, and propose security solutions.

Live forensics:

This involves: automated attack detection, and an instant launch of forensics processes, with the proper software agent is embedded by RMRF into the company’s systems.

We provide Digital foernsics for small, medium and large companies.

How it works?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

A Digital forensics process

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Digital Forensics result


Fact finding

The facts classification

Chronology establishing



Incident impact mitigation

Finding reasons and triggers of the incident

Changing of vulnerable administrative and technological processes in order to avoid similar incidents afterwards

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